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Here are the some of the photographs that I have taken during my travels. The photographs are taken in Cinque Terre, a beautiful costal town in Italy. The region produces one of the best wine. This place is a definite visit in Italy for it’s fantastic Mediterranean coastline and lavish beaches.

Best kept secret of Paris

Most people come to experience the romantic charm of Paris. Although one does never get to see the dreary weather in the hyped movies about the city. Having said that, there is a little corner of Paris, far away from the Eiffel tower, still in the vicinity of all the touristic hotspots, is Monmatre. Everytime…

Travel more

Go do it! And, then when you get back, plan another. Travelling is like a passing storm, it changes everything, because it changes you. So, let’s all travel far and wide. Let’s go see the end of the world. So we can then start afresh with a clear mind, and a new horizon in sight.