In Bangla language, Onno-ki means “What’s different?” or simply “What else?”. And that’s exactly what ONNOKI.COM strives to answer. The idea is to create a space for handpicked stories and ideas; that resonates very strongly with  people wanting to build a social life. Onnoki is dedicated to the expat community to find exciting things to do in a city like Paris.

If you have experiences or an idea you would like to share with others, go ahead and drop us a line or two at editor@onnoki.com. We can work to collaborate together.


Swagata Chandra started the magazine in January 2018, to provide media space for ideas that need showcasing. It comes from a deep desire to connect and share experiences of the city with others who are trying to do the same. Having experienced the feeling of being lost in a completely new city, Onnoki strives to make the new city feel slightly more familiar.

Paris Onnoki

Find interesting stories and recommendations about travel and voyage.

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Find exciting new recipes that is sure be a big hit for your next party.

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Ever wanted to cook food from different parts of the world?

Find recipes that are easy to make. Simple but amazing!

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